if you are a fan of spicy foods,then do not miss this traditional dishes from Palembang which called as “Pindang”. it is just hard to beat a combination that includes the fish meat, spicy herbs, and pineapple.

Mi Celor is noodles served in coconut milk and broth mixture ebi (dried shrimp), mixed sprouts and served with boiled egg slices, sprinkled with chopped celery, green onions and fried onions. This dish comes from the city of Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia, and along with Pempek has become the specialty of Palembang. Size larger noodles are used, such as Aceh Noodle or Udon Japanese noodles.

Burgo is a typical food of Palembang, usually served at a time when the mornings. If you visit Palembang, do not forget to taste burgo, commonly eaten with a sauce made from coconut milk, guaranteed hooked! Burgo has a structure chewy-chewy and served with a sauce that makes it spicy and tasty!

Eight Hours Legit cake and Durable a traditional cake native Palembang and a culinary kekeyaan which is still preserved by the people in South Sumatra in particular. Unique name can be explained that eight hours is the time used to make a traditional cake or steaming it, yes it takes time for it to make.

Palembang is very popular once the pastries were very tasty and delicious, jam cake eight hours, no more cake cake maksuba the texture is similar to a layer cake, but more tender and tasty of course. Maksuba cake is usually sold in the market when a special moment or feast of Eid, and usually orders maksuba many times when the moment came. Maybe for some people this maksuba cake a little weird ears, but for the vast majority of Palembang cake this one had to be excellent in itself, and must be there when the big day in general. Indeed cakes were very tasty and you are obliged to try to taste the deliciousness.

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