Mount Dempo is one of the natural attractions Lahat regency. The highest mountain in South Sumatra, this can be achieved directly from Palembang by private vehicle for about 6 hours, a distance of over 295 km. Can also use the public bus from Lahat to Pagar Alam (60 km), and from here followed by another bus travel a distance of 9 km up to the plantation and tea factory mountainside. You can stay in the mess that is available while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery around it. But if you want to make the climb to the top of the mountain, it is necessary to help the handler provided mess. Dempo mountain has two peaks. Above a lower second peak there is a crater that issued brimstone. The crater is located in the middle ground of sand and rock climbers commonly used for resting and camping. Climbing to the top of the tea plant requires at least 6 hours drive. Besides wanting adventure hikers, nature lovers as well.

Bukit Serelo (Hill)

Serelo Hill is located in Perangai Village, Lahat regency, and it becomes one of popular landmark in Lahat regency. This hill is also known as Jempol Mountain or Thumb Mountain, for the shape is similar to thumb. The sightseeing over the hill is so magnificent, with the flow of Lematang river around the hill. Serelo hill is part of Bukit Barisan clusters which is the longest line of hills on the Sumatra Island. At some spots in the downhill, there are places for camping or picnic. Mostly the visitors or students spend their time at this place for camping, hiking or just take the time for picnic over the prairie, or at the edge of the river. Serelo hill is located in the village of Ulak Pandan, West Merapi sub-district, Lahat, about 90 minutes from the city of Pagar Alam. To get here you may use a private vehicle or using public transport such as buses. If you are using a private vehicle, then you can go directly to the nearest village by crossing provincial roads that are quite wide and nice. If you use public transportation, you can go to Besemah terminal and take bus to Pagar Alam-Lahat. Charges in pairs around Rp 25,000 *) each way. The bus will take you to the terminal Lahat. After arriving on terminal Lahat, you can go on using other public transportation. The types of public transportation in this place is a kind of automobile with a chair to sit sideways and it needs to pay around Rp 10,000, and you will be transferred to the Ulak pandan village, the closest village to Serelo foothills.


This megalith site is located around Bukit Barisan, which administratively located in Lahat, Pagar Alam and Empatlawang. Megalith Tinggi Hari is popular with Megalith Pasemah. There are 1.027 heritages from the megalith era around 2000 years ago, that spread over 41 sites. The shape of its megalith is dynamic, like human statue hugging elephant, tiger, buffalo, snake and so on. The most heritages in Megalith Pasemah is lies over Dempo Mountain, a volcanic mountain with an altitude of 3159 meters above sea level. At that mountain, there is huge evident by the existence of great hill with 1736 meters high, above sea level. At Pasemah Plateau, there are megalith buildings founded in the form of single or in groups of statues, mortar stone, tetralith alignment or stone enclosure.


Ranau Lake is the second largest lake in Sumatra. It located in the border line of West Lampung, Lampung province and Ogan Komering Ulu regency, South Sumatra. This lake is created by the blast of volcanic from Volcano Mountain that made a huge basin. This lake is has hilly and valleys topography, then it makes the weather so cool and refreshing. Around the lake overgrown with various shrub by local residents called Ranau. Then the lake was called Lake Ranau. The rest of the volcano is now becomes Seminung Mountain that stands firmly on the edge of the clear water lake. On the other side at the foot of the mountain Seminung there are hot springs on the bottom of the lake. Around the lake can also be found Subik waterfall. Another interesting place to visit is Marisa Island. This famous lake is often visited by the fisherman to catch fishes like Tilapia, Kepor, Kepiat and Harongan. Right in the middle of the lake there is Pulau Marisa or Marisa Island. There is a hot spring that oftenly used by locals or tourists who come to the island. For those who want to stay, do not worry about the accommodation, for there is a waterfall, and lodging. It’s so worth to stay.

Sembilang National Park

Sembilang National Park is part of Banyuasin district and it has been a national park since March 19th, 2003, when it was separated from the Berbak National Park in Jambi. This park is typical of wet land area with various forest ecosystems, fresh water swamps, mangrove forest and mud flats. At this park, about half of the park is covered by mangrove forests, while the rest is covered by peat swamp forest, lowland tropical forests, mud flats, freshwater swamp forests and riparian forests. Banyuasin peninsula is located on the east coast of South Sumatra, is a charming haven for water birds. The muddy soil conditions and borders overgrown by mangroves make this place ideal for certain kinds of invertebrates such as worms, mollusks, and crustaceans. The peninsula that juts into the sea along the 1.5 kilometer is also makes this park becomes an ideal perch for birds migrating from Asia and Europe from October to December. Chinese egret (Egretta Eulophotes), Trinil Lumpur-Asia (Limnodromus Semipalmatus), and Pedendeng Topeng (Heliopais Personata), is among the 30 species of birds that migrate to the peninsula Banyuasin. These birds seek a temporary home to avoid cold seasons in their primary habitats in Siberia, the Korean peninsula, and Japan. Their ultimate goal is a sub-tropical areas of Australia. Enjoying the beauty of mangrove forests in Sembilang National Park is another attraction in the swampy areas along the rivers and sea. You can ask officials to take you to crocodile, snake, and bird nests, or to marvel at the endangered plants. You can also fish here catching five kilograms of fish within one hour according to local inhabitants.

Teluk Gelam Lake

Teluk Gelam Lake offers charming natural sightseeing. The lake is located at the edge of east Sumatra highway, about 92 km to the southeast of Palembang. This lake is has quite and calm water, with little grass filled in the water. Even so, the lake can be used for rowing sports and jet skis. At this location, the visitors can enjoy some water sport, swimming, fishing or just taking a walk. In the middle of the lake there is a land overgrown with thousands of Gelam tress (Melaleuka leucadendron) with tiny green leaves. Teluk Gelam Lake is located in Tanjung Lubuk sub district, Ogan Komering Ilir regency, and it can be reached through east Sumatra highway. When we start from Palembang through the highways, it leads toward Lampung by private vehicle or charter. At the location of this lake, the visitors can having some water sport, bathing, swimming, fishing, or just walking around. In the middle of the lake there is that land covered with thousands of Gelam trees (Melaleuka leucadendron) with tiny leaves with light green hue.

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